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Kesos Tacos opened its doors in Austin in 2014. Born in a city full of tacos, we set our mission on bringing new flavors with a special ingredient. Our tacos are inspired from the juicy and flavorful meats of Mexico, where our founder, Jhonatan, grew up. We brought in those Mexican flavors and combined them with Austin-inspired, fresh ingredients to create our signature tacos. However, that was not enough for us; we decided to add one more special ingredient, which ultimately inspired our name and completed our concept. The special ingredient was our unique and delicious queso, which added the finishing touch to our tacos and truly made us one of a kind.


We quickly grew, while continuing to develop our menu, to ensure we made the best tacos. This led us to our current menu filled with quality tacos that we are proud to serve and are loved by our customers, employees, families and friends.

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